Cindy Nell-Roberts

Mother, Business Owner, Philanthropist, Miss South Africa.
Cindy Nell is one of South Africa's household names loved by young and old. A former Miss South Africa turned Television Presenter and business owner of Cosmetix. 


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How to Stay Looking Younger

How to Stay Looking Younger

Do you know what one of my biggest dreams in life is? To age like fine wine. Like any other woman, I absolutely love it when people can’t believe t...

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Did you know...

My story with Collagen Lift

I only endorse items I truly believe in, that’s why I was a dedicated user of Collagen Lift long before I became the face and ambassador for the brand. I made the smart decision of choosing to focus on my skin as the focal point of my beauty routine at a young age (trust me girls, the younger you start – the better!). 

I actually met the Collagen Lift team at a beauty expo where I shared how I absolutely love their products with them. Knowing my background and influence, they asked me to become their brand ambassador! A truly fitting role if I do say so myself.

My top tips on success

Hard work pays off

I know you’ve heard this countless times before, but trust me – it’s true! Hard work truly does pay off. Think about it, if you choose to do your admin at 6am, you can still make time for a run at 8am instead of grumpily dragging yourself out of bed at 7:30am. If you’re going to make the personal choice to do the bare minimum as everyone else, I hate to break it you, then you’re just going to achieve the same as everyone else. Where’s the fun (and success) in that?

Hard work doesn’t mean you need to neglect yourself, it just means you need to be more conscience of your time and use it wisely. Make wiser decisions like, get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and instead of mindlessly scrolling on social media choose to listen to an audio book. I choose to avoid staying up late watching TV and instead I get up early and meditate!

These small steps towards a lifestyle change really pay off on the road to success!

Caribbean Tan is the reason I look tanned

Tanning into a Goddess

Want to hear a secret to my year-round tan and glowy skin? Caribbean Tan!

Caribbean Tan is honestly the secret to achieving a healthy and natural looking bronzed look. I mean, I shudder when I think about the hours I riskily spent in a tanning bed when I was younger!  

I receive a professional tanning treatment weekly by a Caribbean Tan expert or if I’m on the go or busy, I use one of the amazing DIY products available. I personally recommend the Caribbean Tan Gradual Mousse if you have a couple of hours to spare before your social event or the Caribbean Tan Spritzer if you need to look like a bronzed goddess ASAP!

Let’s talk slimming.

There is no perfect body.

Let’s get rid of this outdated notion of a so called “perfect body”. Perfect is a subjective word and what may be perfect for you, may not be perfect for someone else. What we SHOULD be striving for, is to feel confident, comfortable and happy in the bodies we’ve been blessed with.

Personally, I’ve been trying to reduce a few cm around my waist and the thought of achieving that goal makes ME happy. This isn’t so I can be some “skinny malienkie” – I’m not built for that and that’s okay. I am strong, voluptuous and the only body goal I want to achieve is to feel 100% comfortable in my own skin!

Miss South Africa

Cindy Nell was crowned Miss South Africa in 2002. Her reign as Queen was quite impactful as she was a role model to many young girls in our country. Cindy Nell brought a nation together, she helped build communities and created unrivalled opportunities for the fierce, modern women of South Africa.

Miss Universe Runner up

The Brunette beauty was crowned second runner up at Miss Universe 2003. It was at this moment Cindy Nell began her legacy of women empowerment through her speaking engagements, her love for charity events and raising awareness for all women across the globe.

A Face & Legs of Veet Campaign

Former Miss South Africa, Cindy Nell endorsed the Veet campaign to encourage women to appreciate their beauty and to build confidence within South Africa. 

Strictly Come Dancing SABC 3

From the Runway to the Dance floor, Cindy Nell took to the popular dance show Strictly Come Dancing in 2008. Cindy and her talented dance coach placed third in the competition and stole the hearts of many with their beautiful dance routines.

SA Celebrity Survivor Contestant

Survivor SA is a contest that is definitely not for the faint-hearted as contestants spend days on an isolated location having to provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. Our former Miss SA, Cindy Nell, embarked on this journey proving that she is not just a pretty face but an athlete to look out for. This experience was one that showed a different side of our Queen.

Supersport Soccer World Cup, WOZA lunchtime Live presenter

2010 a year to remember as South Africa hosted the Soccer World Cup. Our eyes were glued to our television screens as we watched the soccer but if we missed a game, we knew that Socialite, Cindy Nell, had the latest on all things soccer as she was a presenter on the SuperSport Soccer World Cup WOZA.

Win a Home Presenter SABC 3

Charismatic Socialite, Cindy Nell took us on a fun filled journey as a Presenter on the show Win a Home. Her flare for interior design had us glued to the television screen as she was very passionate about décor and evolving living spaces into homes.

Pasella Presenter SABC 2

Pasella is an exciting Afrikaans lifestyle show that explores South Africa through travel, food and décor. Former Miss SA, Cindy Nell took us on a weekly journey around our beautiful country, trying new food and experiencing different cultures. Cindy displayed a very bubbly yet stylish persona on the show and we loved her for that.

Wedding Bashers TV Celebrity

Fashionista and Former Miss SA, Cindy Nell joined the televised show Wedding Bashers in 2017. Cindy believes weddings are magical and she definitely kept us up to date on the latest trends in beauty and cosmetics. 

ACE Models Director & Women4Women Founder

After her success in Cosmetix Cindy Nell embarked on two ventures, namely ACE Models and Women4Women. Cindy Nell partnered up with ACE models as Development Director where she develops the curriculum for the models to become the best in industry. Cindy also became the CEO and founder of Women4Women which seeks to uplift and empower previously disadvantaged women through sourcing funding for education, creating jobs, and developing skills.


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