How to Stay Looking Younger

Do you know what one of my biggest dreams in life is? To age like fine wine. Like any other woman, I absolutely love it when people can’t believe that I’m almost 39 years old! I often get asked how I do it – many people want to know how I manage to look younger despite my busy schedule and frequent travelling. I mean, I could choose to keep it a mystery, but I’d much rather share some of the habits and tips I follow to keep looking younger and age gracefully. 

Drink Collagen Lift Everyday 

Collagen is really something I absolutely cannot live without. Did you know that collagen is the protein responsible for the elasticity of our skin? Our bodies create collagen naturally – however, as we age the production of this protein slows down, and this is when the wrinkles start to form.


Drinking Collagen Life daily keeps my skin looking moisturised, young and glowy! Collagen is really our body’s superhero, and I highly recommend giving drinking it a try.

Cut Carbs, Sugar & Dairy 

This can be a difficult one to follow – but when you consider all the damage that these foods can cause to our skin and overall health, it’s worth the sacrifice. Foods like potato chips can cause inflammation throughout our bodies and eating sugary pastries is linked to the development of wrinkles. 

A treat here, and there is okay – but eating “badly” every day leads to premature ageing!

Start Cold Water Swimming 

A daily swim in cold water won’t just have you feeling rejuvenated, it’ll help you looking fresh and young too! Immersing your body in cold water helps the blood rush to our internal organs. This activates circulation, which helps improve muscle tone, rejuvenate skin and breaks down fat! 

I prefer to skip the “dipping my toes in” stage and just go for the plunge!

Drink Low-Calorie Alcohol Beverages 

If you’re trying to lose weight, be healthier and of course, look younger – then I’d suggest staying away from high calorie-filled alcohol drinks. I was surprised to find out that a shot of hard liquor has about 96 calories, and a glass of wine can have up to 140 calories! 

When trying to cut back on calories when ordering alcohol, I choose to opt for a simple liquor based drink like a vodka soda with a squeeze of lime. When ordering cocktails, I keep it simple and ask the bartender to skip the sugary syrups and go easy on mixers like juice. Ask for just a splash instead! 

Prioritise Exercise

I can’t believe that a couple of years ago, people used to say that you need to “slow down” as you get older. The truth is, exercise doesn’t just make you FEEL younger; it makes you LOOK younger too! Exercising regularly keeps my skin cleared from impurities, which means HELLO glowing and healthy skin. 

Exercise also keeps you flexible, burns calories and slows down cells that cause ageing!

While all the above advice is great and are things, I religiously follow, my BIGGEST advice for looking and feeling younger? MAKE TIME TO LAUGH AND SLEEP!

I’m a firm believer that happy people are naturally younger looking people. That glow and look of youth radiate from within. Good sleep is vital for happiness, health and staying young and looking good. An afternoon nap on weekends is more powerful than you can imagine! 


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