The Secret to Success 5 points

Success means different things to different people. In my instance, I count myself fortunate to consider myself a former Miss SA, Miss Universe Runner-Up, Philanthropist and Business Woman. I often get asked how I juggle it all – especially while being a wife and mom, and I thought I’d share some insight on the “secret” to my success. 

Increased Self-Awareness 

I genuinely believe that self-awareness is one of the most important life skills that every single person should possess. In my opinion, it leads to success in more ways than one. Think about it – when you know your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll know exactly which one of your unique qualities you bring to the table and which roles you need to pass onto others. 

Self-awareness also assists you in seeing exactly how other people see you and in turn will assist you in understanding others better. 

In my experience, I’ve also found that self-awareness has made me a better leader. 

Prioritise Exercise and Eating Healthy


I can’t stress enough how important it is to look after yourself and exercise and eat healthily. Don’t just take it from me, mega entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and even Bill Gates swear that regular exercise is an integral part of their success. Exercise increases your energy levels, improves concentration and creativity and is amazing for your mental health! 

The same goes for eating healthier – I always find that a good diet helps me to increase my energy levels and my ability to concentrate. 

Make Small Progress Everyday 

While I’m a big believer of dreaming, big and wanting to do multiple things at once – I also understand the importance of building momentum. It is so important slowly and progressively improve yourself daily, so you don’t exhaust yourself all at once. 

Rather than worrying about the result – I try to focus on making daily progress, no matter how small. Success is a by-product of self-discipline, and that is something I try to work on every damn day. 

Read, Read and Read Some More 

I think if there is one trait that genuinely sets successful people apart is their habit of reading. I try my best to read at least one or two self-improvement or educational books per month. I’ve found that reading lowers my stress levels, helps me sleep, improves my decision-making skills and honestly improves my emotional intelligence. 

Don’t make excuses – try to read at least one page every night. 

You Get What You Put In 

Let me just put it out there – you can follow all the tips above, but the truth is none of the above would help if you’re not willing to put in the work. 

Success boils down to focused and consistent hard work. Hard work means that you need to be able to turn away from distractions, and it also means that you need to learn to be patient and believe in the overall process. Hard work means that you need to be open to changing your strategies and approach and welcome in trying new things while always keep your initial vision in mind. 

Remember hunnies; success doesn’t happen overnight. Many failures happen during the journey and a large part of success is learning how to rise above! Go get it!

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